Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Unit 2 Discussions

Unit 2 DB: Learning Styles and Preferences (HRM 308)

Complete the VARK Assessment in the Readings and Resources.  Based on your preferred learning style as identified from the VARK Assessment, and what we have learned about adult learning theory (Andragogy) principles, how could your personal learning style and learning preferences most influence your training design?  Share some pros and cons – how might they be effective and how might they limit a good design?  Provide an example in your discussion.

Unit 2 DB: The NLRA’s Impact in the Workplace (HRM341 Employment Law)

The National Labor Relations Act was passed in 1935.  In 1944, 35% of the workforce were members of an organized union.  In 2016, private-sector workers (those workers not in the government, schools, etc) only had 6.4% participation in unions.  

What do you think are the reasons?  
Has the culture changed?  
Is the National Labor Relations Act as important now as it was?
Are the reasons for unionization not as valid and they were? 
If that is the case, why are 34.4% of public sector employees unionized today?

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