Posted: August 2nd, 2022

Unit 6.1 DB: Challenges

 What are some specific challenges to low-income families or those living in poverty face? How can these challenges affect the delivery of human services and our relationship with clients? Why is it important for human services professionals to be aware of class bias or classism?

You must support your response with scholarly sources in APA format.  Simply stating your opinion is not enough, back up your opinion with citations.  Refer to the DB Grading Rubric for more details.

Readings and Resources

Articles, Websites, and Videos:

NY Times’ Class Matters project examines how class affects individuals and their opportunities in society.


Class matters: An overview

. (n.d.). New York Times. 

Authors Durante and Fiske examine how economic class stereotypes maintain inequality.

· Durante, F., & Fiske, S. T. (2017). 

How social-class stereotypes maintain inequality

. Current opinion in psychology, 18, 43–48.

PEW Research Center’s resource on Economic inequality and wealth disparities

· Horowitz, J.M., Igielnik, R., & Kochhar, R. (2020, Jan 9). 

Trends in income and wealth inequality

. Pew Research Center. 

MIT’s Living Wage Calculator allows individuals to identify the cost of living in their communities.


Living Wage Calculator

. (n.d.) MIT. 

A look at the challenges facing low-income families.

· Wilcox, W. B. (2015, Feb 12). 

Challenges facing low-income families today

. Institute for Family Studies. 

United’s Ways Alice Project is targeted at helping individuals in the “Alice” populations: assets limited, income constrained and employed. 


United for Alice

. (2020). 

A documentary photographer documents the lives of four families in Kansas City who struggle to live on minimum wage.

· Norcia, A. (2018, Oct 25). 

This is what living on minimum wage looks like

. Vice Media Group. 

CBS News explores challenges restaurant and food service workers face living on minimum wage or below minimum wage compensation.

Watch Video

Surviving an Unlivable Wage | Full Documentary

Duration: 27:15
User: CBS News – Added: 3/26/20

United Way of Western CT explains the Alice Project and showcases those living in the “Alice” population.

Watch Video


Duration: 2:00
User: United Way of Western Connecticut – Added: 1/14/15

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