Posted: June 10th, 2022

unit 6 final temp

please help with the following
BSAD394 Marketing Final Project Instructions:
Marketing Plan & Presentation Description Create a marketing plan for a new product or service of your own design/imagination.
Your final project will include the following three components:
1. The Marketing Plan document.
For a template, please review the Sample Marketing Plan found in Appendix B of Pride & Ferrell, 20th edition (see Unit 6 Assigned Readings & Preparation Activities in Blackboard).
The Marketing Plan must use APA formatting and be 2500-3000 words in length. 2. A narrated video presentation of your plan (with speaker notes) not more than 30 minutes in length. 3. Any collateral materials or documents needed to present your marketing plan (video, sample brochure, photos, etc.). The Final Project is worth a total of 250 points: 150 points for the Marketing Plan, and 100 points for the presentation. Instructions 1. Choose a type of product/service that interests you personally or professionally
.The product/service must be a hypothetical product and a fictional company. 2. Develop a marketing plan that includes the following key components (see instructions below for complete requirements):
a. Product/service description
b. Target market profile
c. Price strategy
d. Distribution/place strategy
e. Advertising and promotion strategy
2. Prepare a 20-30 video presentation of your marketing plan using your Southwestern College Zoom Pro account and the presentation of your choice.
Written Marketing Plan (150 points)
Begin with the product description.
Your product description should be clear to anyone reading the plan and show the need for the product/service in the marketplace. Your overall marketing plan/strategy must indicate marketing principles and techniques and demonstrate how they are appropriate for the chosen product/service. Include supporting information that demonstrates potential demand in the marketplace. Describe how each of the marketing concepts you are using support your strategies and rationales.
marketing plan must use the following outline (sections).
Note that this outline includes sections in addition to those on the Sample Marketing Plan mentioned above:
I. Executive Summary
II. II. Description of product
III. Environmental Analysis
a. The Marketing Environment
b. Target Market(s) IV. Current Marketing Objectives and Performance
V. SWOT Analysis
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
e. Matching Strengths to Opportunities/Converting Weaknesses and Threats
VI. Marketing Objectives
VII. Marketing Strategies
a. Target Market(s)
b. Marketing Mix
i. Products
ii. Pricing Strategy
iii. Distribution/Place Strategy
iv. Advertising and Promotion Strategy
VIII. Marketing Implementation
a. Marketing Organization
b. Activities, Responsibilities, and Timetables for Completion
IX. Performance Evaluation
a. Performance Standards and Financial Controls
b. Measuring Actual Performance
X. Summary
XI. References

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