Posted: March 12th, 2023

Unit 8.1 DB: Patriots versus Rebels

Review the political, economic, and ideological reasons for the outbreak of the American Revolution and the Civil War. After your analysis of this information, answer the following questions:

  • What makes the Confederates different from the American colonists?
  • What makes the Union different from England?
  • Why were the American colonists considered Patriots while the Confederates were considered rebels? 

When responding to classmates, include additional information for why you agree with their position or information explaining why you do not agree with their position.Make sure to provide cited information to support your positions. All work must be in APA format.

Unit 8 - Civil War


Readings and Resources

Readings and Resources




College. (2014). 

U.S. History

. OpenStax College. 


Chapter 15 - The Civil War, 1860-1865

Also see:

Avalon Project - Confederate States of America -  Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union. (2020). Yale.Edu.


South Carolina Declaration of Causes of Secession

Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln: Dueling inaugural addresses - National Constitution Center. (2019). National Constitution Center – Constitutioncenter.Org.


‌Jefferson Davis' Inaugural Address to the Confederacy

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States : from George Washington 1789 to George Bush 1989. (2020). Yale.Edu; Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O. : for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1989.


Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address 

McPherson, J. M. (2014). Emancipation Proclamation and Thirteenth Amendment. In E. Foner, & J. A. Garraty (Eds.),  The Reader's companion to American history. Houghton Mifflin.


Emancipation Proclamation 

Gettysburg address. (2014). In E. Foner, & J. A. Garraty (Eds.),  The Reader's companion to American history. Houghton Mifflin.


Gettysbury Address

Please review:

Teaching American History. (n.d.). 

Farewell Address to Senate.


Watch Video

The Civil War, Part I: Crash Course US History #20

Duration: 12:01

  Watch Video

The Civil War Part 2: Crash Course US History #21

Duration: 10:54

Watch Video

The Gettysburg Address - part 1

Duration: 9:55


Supplemental Materials:

Locks, C., Mergel, S., Roseman, P., & Spike, T. (2013). 

History in the making: A history of the people of the United States of America to 1877.

 Atlanta: UNG Press Books.

· Chapter 16: The Civil War (pages 701-779)




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