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Unit V Proj

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Unit V Project



In Unit II, you selected a topic for your course project. Start here by restating your topic and briefly explaining the introduction on your course project. Then, prepare an outline for your course project. The course project will be submitted in Unit VII, but the outline will be submitted for this assignment.

In your outline, please address what you will be covering plus the key theories and models for leading in health care organizations, and also include key theories and models for motivation with brief explanations.

Leading and motivating are two of the most important things that health care leaders do, so put some real thought into this outline. It will guide you as you complete your project for Unit VII.

Your outline should be two pages in length.

You were required to locate three outside sources for the topic you chose for this project back in Unit II. Please include the three sources you used for the Unit II topic selection, and add any additional outside sources that you wish to include at this time.

Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.


Unit II Project

Robert Benders

Columbia Southern University

Professor Dara Starr

Health Care Management

HCA 3301-20.00


Motivating Health Care

The healthcare industry relies heavily on its human resources. From a financial perspective, pay for healthcare professionals consumes a sizable portion of health expenditures in most nations. A healthcare professional acts as the first point of contact for patients. To be “willing to exert and maintain an effort towards organizational goals” is one definition of motivation in the workplace (Hussien et al., 2019). Employees are more likely to stay with a company over time if they are motivated to do their jobs well. Retaining current health professionals helps lower the overall cost of the healthcare system by avoiding the need to advertise for, interview, hire, and train new staff members. A loss of any health worker, but notably physicians and nurses, can have far-reaching effects on the health of a country’s population [6]. As a whole, the health care system benefits from happy and inspired health personnel.

A lack of motivation among healthcare professionals can severely affect individual hospitals and the healthcare system. A significant problem in rural regions is healthcare providers who need more motivation. Those who work in rural areas sometimes have to put in more hours than their colleagues in metropolitan areas, face fewer resources at work and have a greater sense of isolation. Uninspired medical staff members have been known to quit their employment and move from rural areas to urban centers or even other nations in search of better pay and working conditions. Dissatisfied medical professionals have been known to quit their jobs in droves.

What I plan to study about this project is how motivation can be carried out in healthcare settings. To do this, I will describe the key factors and processes for conducting an environmental assessment in healthcare. They include; identifying environmental risks, data gathering, risk assessment, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting and communication (Golinelli et al., 2020). The critical steps in the strategic planning approach for a healthcare organization include;

· Conducting a SWOT analysis

· Defining the mission and the vision of the organization

· Prioritizing organization goals and objectives

· Establishment of a system of monitoring and,

· Communication of the plan


Hussien, H. M., Yasin, S. M., Udzir, S. N. I., Zaidan, A. A., & Zaidan, B. B. (2019). A systematic review for enabling a blockchain technology in healthcare application: taxonomy, substantial analysis, motivations, challenges, recommendations, and future direction.
Journal of medical systems, 
43, 1-35.

Zhang, X., Liu, S., Wang, L., Zhang, Y., & Wang, J. (2020). Mobile health service adoption in China: integration of theory of planned behavior, protection motivation theory and personal health differences. 
Online Information Review, 
44(1), 1–23.

Golinelli, D., Boetto, E., Carullo, G., Nuzzolese, A. G., Landini, M. P., & Fantini, M. P. (2020). Adopting digital technologies in health care during the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review of early scientific literature.
Journal of medical Internet research, 
22(11), e22280.

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