Posted: August 3rd, 2022

Unit VII PowerPoint

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Create a PowerPoint presentation that contains the various heat transfer mechanisms, some applications of ideal gas law, and the kinetic theory.

In your presentation, be sure to include the following:

· Include a title and references slides.

· Research and provide content for the following topics.

. Compare and contrast the three heat transfer methods (conduction, convection, and radiation) with examples.

. Describe the relationship between temperature, pressure, and volume in the ideal gas law with examples.

. Explain the concept of the kinetic theory of gases.

· Include a minimum of 10 slides, not counting the title and references slides.

· Adhere to general best practice to use no more than 5–6 bullet points per slide.

· Use presenter notes to provide the details of your presentation.

· Insert appropriate images, diagrams, and tables to enhance your content.

· Use at least two scholarly references in your presentation. Include APA Style citations and references for each source used.

· Use the CSU Online Library for assistance with the research.

· Utilize the Writing Center for assistance with proper formatting and APA Style, or view this tutorial for additional information 

PowerPoint Basics


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