Posted: August 6th, 2022


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Assignment Objectives:

Students are required to submit a structured 5 paragraph essay on one of the topics below. The essay must be minimum 1,000 words counting content only (from start of introduction to the end of conclusion – without cover page, table of contents, and reference list). You are required to research a central question on the chosen topic and present and discuss arguments and counterarguments in your main paragraphs. Through your research findings, you are to conclude on the impact the topic has / has had on people, communities, and environments.


Choose ONE topic question from the list below. Write your essay on this topic following all the guidelines in this brief. Essays that do not follow the brief will receive fewer marks!

1. Does cultural diversity in tourism always benefit the customer?

2. Is globalization responsible for the increase in conflicts in the world today?

Additional Requirements:

Research well and present your evidence using Harvard citation in your paragraphs and a full reference list. Write using formal language, avoiding contractions (it’s, don’t) and personal pronouns (I, you, we) and only give your opinion in the conclusion. Include a cover page and automatic table of contents. Check grammar and spelling. Check your essay against the assessment criteria below before submission.

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