Posted: June 11th, 2022

Vertical Analysis

Always include the name of your company in the subject line and the link to the SEC 10-K in your posting.
Answer all of the questions below and do NOT cut and paste from the 10-K.
Use your own words to answer.
Discussion Requirements
I. Using vertical analysis (show your calculations), present the following values for this year and last year:
a) gross profit margin
b) net profit margin (use the last “net income” line on the statement)
c) Comment on changes:
Are sales increasingly profitable?
How are gross profit and net income changing, as dollar values?
2. Conduct a Vertical Analysis on any two items of the Balance Sheet and comment on your results.
3.Comment on any one of your classmate’ s postings. This will make up 5% of your grade.
4. Cross reference your responses to the question numbers.
Note: Review the sample report on Costco for guidance on how to present the Vertical Analysis information and follow the format shown there. The Report can be found in the Discussion Board, under the thread, “Questions About SEC 10 K Project” or under Week 7 Assignment link for SEC 10 K Report. Also, you canwatch the video prepared by Prof Lazarus and me, titled, “Horizontal and Vertical Analysis.”
Horizontal & Vertical Analysis:

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