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week 3 newsletter

instructions attached 

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 8, 9, and 10 from the course text 
New leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals: Concepts and Cases, and Chapter 24 from the course text 
Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles, and Practice.

Newsletter Introduction

As a reminder, in Weeks 1 through 4 you are producing a newsletter that covers the content discussed in each assignment. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide advice for health care leaders on how to apply the skills and concepts to similar scenarios that arise in the workplace. For each part of the assignment,

· Create an article that addresses each prompt.

· Frame your articles as if you are writing to leaders in your organization.

· Review the Writing Center resource, 

Considering Audience

 (Links to an external site.)

, for information on how to do this.

· You can create a newsletter using a tool or your choosing, such as Canvas, or use the 

Newsletter Template

 Download Newsletter Template


· You can also add images or figures that are formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s resource 

Table, Images, and Appendices

 (Links to an external site.)


· You can find images from the websites 


 (Links to an external site.) and 


 (Links to an external site.).

· These websites provide free images without attribution or commercial or non-commercial licenses. However, it is important to follow all copyright laws. You can find information on these laws by visiting the webpages 

Copyright Basics

 (Links to an external site.)


What is Copyright?

 (Links to an external site.)

For the assignment, you must use a minimum of three to four scholarly or credible sources that are formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center. You can learn more by reviewing the resources 

Formatting Your References List

 (Links to an external site.)


APA: Citing Within Your Paper

 (Links to an external site.)


Part 1: Introduction and Scenario

Health care organizations continually strive to improve patient care and safety. It takes skilled, knowledgeable health care leaders to make sure that the organization is reaching their goals in this area. These leaders appreciate the importance of collaboration between departments to lessen potential difficulties.

Using the case study “Collaborative Leadership in Action Between a Physician Group and Health System” found on page 170 of 
New Leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals: Concepts and Cases, address the following:

Article 1

In your first newsletter article,

· Summarize the case study.

· Identify the challenges or barriers that could have impacted collaboration and communication between the parties involved in this case.

· Defend some measures that leadership can use to determine if collaboration efforts will be worthwhile.

Part 2: Introduction and Scenario

Transformational leadership is essential for employee retention and commitment. Transformational leaders understand that they cannot make long-lasting changes without the help of employees they value and respect.

Using the “The Honeysuckle Clinic” and “Transformational Leadership Model or Just a Nightmare?” case studies starting on page 103 of 
New Leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals: 
Concepts and Cases, address the following:

Article 2

In your second newsletter article,

· Summarize the case study.

· Evaluate at least one transformational leadership quality that could positively impact Honeysuckle Clinic.

· Defend methods in which transformational leadership can positively help an existing health care organization experiencing change.

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