Posted: September 4th, 2022

week2 assignment

 Need this assigment by saturday(09/03) 11:30pm

In 500 words

Step 1: Review the business rules and components you identified in week 1(attached below), and use the information to create your tables and an entity relationship diagram.  You can add business rules, entities, and structure to the concept as you create the diagram.  The diagram should have at least 5 tables. Show the primary key and relationships.  You can use Visio, Powerpoint, the Oracle

SQL (Links to an external site.)

developer data modeler or Access.   Paste your graphics or screen captures in a Word document and turn in to the professor via the online class. 

Step 2: Continue to work on your

database (Links to an external site.)

using: Excel.  Take screen captures of the work you have done so far and include them in a Word document. Turn in to your professor via the online class.  

Step 3: Extra information: Review the information re: Oracle data models at: (Links to an external site.)


Note:No copypaste strickly, plagiarism results in termination.

Include references.



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