Posted: June 13th, 2022

week2 response3 dq1 445

Week 2 response3 dq1 445
Amanda McGahan
Professor and class,
The NASW Code of Ethics outlines the principles and conduct a social worker should abide by. Values, principles, and standards are well-defined to help guide social workers to act appropriately and ethically while working with clients.The NASW Code of Ethics applies to all social workers regardless of their position in the field. The Case Management Code of Ethics is similar to the NASW Code of Ethics because they both focus on the well-being of the client and why it is important for a social worker to conduct themselves appropriately. An ethical dilemma that a case manager may face would be a client wanting to spend time together as friends outside of a professional setting. Having a positive impact on a client and gaining their trust may result in a client wanting to be good friends with the social worker. A case manager may also feel close to this client, but professionally and respectfully declining any offers to meet up would be necessary to maintain ethical behavior. A case manager should also sit down with the client and explain why this would be unethical to prevent a client from feeling shut down or uncomfortable with this response to their invitation (National Association of Social Workers [NASW], 2022).
National Association of Social Workers (2022). NASW code of ethics. Retrieved June 9, 2022, from
Week 2 response4 dq1 445
Sandra Sotelo
Hello Professor and Classmates,
The Case Management Code of Ethics and the Social Work Code of Ethics have many similarities as they both have a responsibility to promote the wellbeing of clients (National Association of Social Workers, 2021). Moreover, they both also promote the client’s dignity and worth and right to self determination (NASW, 2021). An ethical dilemma that a case manager might face could possibly be encountering a client while out at dinner. The client might ask the case manager to join them at the restaurant bar for a drink. The case manager should respectfully and politely decline the invitation and state that they have a responsibility to maintain professional boundaries and that this situation would be a conflict of interest.
National Association of Social Workers. (2021).Read the Code of Ethics.

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