Posted: June 6th, 2022


Hi there,
Kindly read the uploaded file.
Topic Check in
Tell me what you intend to research and write on for your paper. Good topics will be fairly specific. Big topics get overwhelming quickly. The only constraints are that your topic address ethical issues in IT. There are a great many more specific issues related to the big themes of privacy, intellectual property, and security. But you needn’t feel limited strictly to these. There may be worthy philosophical issues to consider regarding AI, for instance, or cyborgs (are we already cyborgs?).
Also tell me what’s on your mind at this point concerning potential sources. It would be a good idea to read a few things as you are refining your topic plans. Manageable clear discussion of specific issues typically start with some review of an ongoing conversation in print. Think of yourself as joining into that conversation, but only after you’ve listened enough to gain a sense for what might be worth contributing.
There is no length requirement for this step. I just want to make sure you are onto a manageable project before you get in too deep.
P.S: The topic I want you to write about is cell phone GPS tracking

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