Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Windows Operating System

The report must include the following 5 parts: 
1) A brief abstract at the start. The abstract outlines what the report is about and the motivation for the study 2) An introduction providing a general discussion of the topic area describing the topic area and its relevance to the area of operating systems 3) A detailed discussion of the relevant area of the topic. 4) A report summary at the end.  5) A list of references to sources of materials used. The reference list must be clearly indicated and can be from papers, books, technical reports, journals or reputable Internet websites. 
The report must also include some drawings, or charts, or diagrams or case studies or examples in order to help clarify the ideas discussed. 
Marks will be assigned as follows: 
1)   A brief abstract of the report outlining what the report is about and the motivation for the study.  
(10 points) 
2)   Introduction. A general describing of the topic area and its relevance to operating systems 
(10 points) 
3)   A detailed discussion of the area of relevance in the topic. 
(30 points) 
4)   Use of examples, cases, drawings, charts and/or diagrams where and when relevant to help clarify ideas. 
(20 points) 
5)   A brief summary of the report 
(10 points) 
6)   List of references. References to sources of materials must be clearly indicated i.e. papers, books, technical reports, journals and Internet websites. At least five references are required 
(10 points) 
7)   The lecturer’s overall evaluation of the report based on clarity and substance. 
(10 points) 

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