Posted: September 4th, 2022


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2.1 – Week 2 – Synthesis of articles, questions and analysis
Attached Files: File grid assignment x
Use the attached document to complete the following assignment.
Find three research articles in your chapter 2.
Identify the problem being solved/addressed.
Write the research questions, sources of data, and analysis.
Pay particular attention to the problem being solved.

Research question

Sources of data to answer question



What is the relationship between teacher use of formative assessment practices and student achievement based on grade level?

Teacher survey: Self-reported use of assessment practices using a Likert-type scale to measure frequency of use.

Student achievement will be reported in aggregate at the classroom level.

Two-way ANOVA
because there are two IVs






Sources of data to answer question


Research question(s)

Article 1: Problem being addressed

Article 1 questions

Article 2: Problem being addressed

Article 2 questions

Article 3

: Problem being addressed

Article 3

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