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Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

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As you establish your goals and objectives for this course, you are committing to an organized plan that will frame your practicum experience in a clinical setting, including planned activities, assessment, and achievement of defined outcomes. In particular, they must address the categories of clinical reasoning, quality in your clinical specialty, and interpersonal collaborative practice. 

For this Assignment, you will consider the areas you aim to focus on to gain practical experience as an advanced practice nurse. Then, you will develop a Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) containing the objectives you will fulfill in order to achieve your aims. In this practicum experience, when developing your goals and objectives, be sure to keep psychiatric assessment and diagnostic reasoning in mind. 

To Prepare

· Review your Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form you submitted last week and think about areas for which you would like to gain application-level experience and/or continued growth as an advanced practice nurse. How can your experiences in the Practicum help you achieve these aims?  

· Review the information related to developing objectives provided in this week’s Learning Resources.  Your practicum learning objectives that you want to achieve during your Practicum experience must be: 

· Specific  

· Measurable  

· Attainable  

· Results-focused  

· Time-bound 

· Reflective of the higher-order domains of Bloom’s taxonomy (i.e., application level and above)  

Note: Please make sure your objectives are outlined in your Practicum Experience Plan (PEP).  

· Discuss your professional aims and your proposed practicum objectives with your Preceptor to ascertain if the necessary resources are available at your practicum site. 


Record the required information in each area of the Practicum Experience Plan template, including three to four (3–4) practicum learning objectives you will use to facilitate your learning during the practicum experience. 

Master of Science in Nursing  

Practicum Experience Plan


Your Practicum experience includes working in a clinical setting that will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed as an advanced practice nurse. In your practicum experience, you will develop a practicum plan that sets forth objectives to frame and guide your practicum experience.

As part of your Practicum Experience Plan, you will not only plan for your learning in your practicum experience but also work through various patient visits with focused notes as well as one (1) journal entry.

Complete each section below.

Part 1: Quarter/Term/Year and Contact Information

Section A

Quarter/Term/Year: Fall /2022

Contact Information

Name: Rosine Ngwana

Street Address:4107 great bear pl

City, State, Zip: Houston, Tx, 77084

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:8326145083



Contact Information

Name: Eli Mbeufonjoh

Organization: vital healthcare center

Street Address:4338 w. Thomas rd. set u1 phoenix /harizona 85031

City, State, Zip:

Work Phone: 9084773144

Cell Phone:9084773144

Fax: n/a

Professional/Work E-mail:

Part 2: Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives

Refer to the instructions in Week 2 to create individualized practicum learning objectives that meet the requirements for this course. These objectives should be aligned specifically to your Practicum experience. Your objectives should address your self-assessment of the skills found in the “PMHNP Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form” you completed in Week 1.

As you develop your individualized practicum learning objective, be sure to write them using the SMART format. Use the resources found in Week 2 to guide your development. Once you review your resources, continue and complete the following.
Note: Please make sure each of your objectives are connected to your self-assessment. Also, consider that you will need to demonstrate how you are advancing your knowledge in the clinical specialty.

** YOU MUST HAVE 3 NEW OBJECTIVES EACH QUARTER. You may include previous practicum objectives; however, you still must have 3 new objectives for your current course.

Objective 1: (

: this objective should relate to a specific skill you would like to improve from your self-assessment)

Planned Activities:

Mode of Assessment: (Note: Verification will be documented in Meditrek)

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:


(for example) Develop professional plans in advanced nursing practice for the practicum experience

· (for example) Assess advanced practice nursing skills for strengths and opportunities 

Objective 2: (

: this objective should relate to a specific skill you would like to improve from your self-assessment)

Planned Activities:

Mode of Assessment: (Note: Verification will be documented in Meditrek)

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:


Objective 3: (

: this objective should relate to a specific skill you would like to improve from your self-assessment)

Planned Activities:

Mode of Assessment: (Note: Verification will be documented in Meditrek)

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:


Part 3: Projected Timeline/Schedule

Estimate how many hours you expect to work on your Practicum each week. *
Note: All of your hours and activities must be supervised by your Preceptor and completed onsite. Your Preceptor will approve all hours, but your activities will be approved by both your Preceptor and Instructor. Any changes to this plan must be approved.

This timeline is intended as a planning tool; your actual schedule may differ from the projections you are making now.

I intend to complete the 144 or 160 Practicum hours (as applicable) according to the following timeline/schedule. I also understand that I must see at least 80 patients during my practicum experience. I understand that I may not complete my practicum hours sooner than 8 weeks. I understand I may not be in the practicum setting longer than 8 hours per day unless pre-approved by my faculty.

Number of Clinical Hours Projected for Week (hours you are in Practicum Setting at your Field Site)

Number of Weekly Hours for Professional Development (these are not practicum hour)

Number of Weekly Hours for Practicum Coursework (these are not practicum hours)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Total Hours (must meet the following requirements)

144 or 160 Hours

Part 4 – Signatures

Student Signature (electronic): Date:

Practicum Faculty Signature (electronic)**: Date:

** Faculty signature signifies approval of Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

Submit your Practicum Experience Plan
on or before Day 7 of
Week 2 for faculty review and approval.

Once approved, you will receive a copy of the PEP for your records. You must share an approved copy with your Preceptor. The Preceptor is not required to sign this form.

© 2020 Walden University 3

Week1: Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form

Rosine Ngwana

Walden University

PRAC 6635: Psychopathology and Diagnostic Reasoning Practicum

Dr. Enzor Jeremy


PRAC 6635 Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form







Desired Clinical Skills for Students to Achieve

Confident (Can complete independently)

Mostly confident (Can complete with supervision)

Beginning (Have performed with supervision or need supervision to feel confident)

New (Have never performed or does not apply)

Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation skills in: 

Recognizing clinical signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness 


Differentiating between pathophysiological and psychopathological conditions 


Performing and interpreting a comprehensive and/or interval history and physical examination (including laboratory and diagnostic studies) 


Performing and interpreting a mental status examination 


Performing and interpreting a psychosocial assessment and family psychiatric history 


Performing and interpreting a functional assessment (activities of daily living, occupational, social, leisure, educational).


Diagnostic reasoning skill in:

Demonstrate knowledge of psychopathology of mental illnesses through discussion for different age groups and mental illnesses


Developing and prioritizing a differential diagnoses list


Formulating diagnoses according to DSM 5-TR based on assessment data 


Differentiating between normal/abnormal age-related physiological and psychological symptoms/changes


Psychotherapeutic Treatment Planning:

Provide psychoeducation to individuals and/or any caregivers


Promote health and disease prevention techniques


Self-Assessment skill:

Develop SMART goals for practicum experiences 


Evaluating outcomes of practicum goals and modify plan as necessary 

Documenting and reflecting on learning experiences

Professional skills:

Maintains professional boundaries and therapeutic relationship with clients and staff


Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to improve clinical practice in mental health settings 


Identifies ethical and legal dilemmas with possible resolutions

Demonstrates non-judgmental practice approach and empathy

Practices within scope of practice


Selecting and implementing appropriate screening instrument(s) and interpreting results:

Demonstrates selecting the correct screening instrument appropriate for the clinical situation 

Implements the screening instrument efficiently and effectively with the clients


Interprets results for screening instruments accurately


Identifies the need to refer to another specialty provider when applicable


Accurately documents recommendations for psychiatric consultations when applicable


Summary of strengths:

My strong area is assessing the objective and subjective information of the patients. I am also good at assessing children from 0 to 12 years at risk of adjustment disorder. I do not have issue with criticism. Criticism allows me to recognize my weakness and improve my skills for better patient care.

Opportunities for growth:

I Want to be an expert when it comes to assessing and diagnosing patients. I believe that a good diagnosis leads to good treatment. I also would like to know which therapy or regimen I should know to treat the patient. I would like to have clear and precise documentation. Having clear, and precise documentation eliminates medical errors.

Now, write three to four (3–4) possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources.

Goal: my number one goal is to be able to do a detail objective and subjective assessment by the end of the second week.

be able to have a detailed medical and social history of each patient.

Objective: I should be able to record all my patient’s assessments in the medical record

Objective: I should be able to have an effective care plan after assessing my patients.

Goal: Be respectful and compassionate for my patients during the 10 weeks in clinical setting.

Objective: effective moral care will be used to improve patient care

Objective: good moral will be used to respect patient wishes and right to privacy.

Objective: Set up professional boundaries between patient and health care professional

Goal: use professional skills to educate patient on how to avoid harming themselves and others during this practicum

Objective: use appropriate diagnostic tools to recognize when a patient is at risk of harming themselves, or others.

use professional skills to educate patients on how to avoid harming themselves and others.

Use proper technical skills to provide a safe care

Goal: last objective for this practicum will be to increase my knowledge in pharmacotherapy

Objective: Able to understand the clinical practice standards that applies

towards my patient’s treatment.

Objective: able to recognize adverse, and side effects of medication

Objective: Maintain up-to-date notes and establish a timetable to

ensure a good pharmacotherapy treatment plan.

Signature: Rosine Ngwana

Date: 08/31/2022

Course/Section: NURS 6635

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