Posted: June 13th, 2022

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Comparison and Contrast: Talking on the Phone and Talking in Person

Communication is a vital need for everyone around the world, there are various ways of communicating with people, and the most common are talking in person and talking on phone.

Talking in person is the basic mode of communication for everyone around the world; it is an old method of communication but has its main advantages and disadvantages as compared to talking on phone, which is the modern way of communication that has been brought about by technology. Talking in person is a cheaper and more efficient mode of communication as one can easily communicate with someone else without the need to pay rates or charges that are incurred when talking on phone.

Talking on phone is a more efficient method of communication where distance is a barrier of communication, it efficiently substitutes’ talking in person as talking on phone is not limited to distance. Talking in person is an effective way of communication as message passed is easily understood and can be demonstrated by gestures or facial expression; this helps us to effectively convey our feelings of happiness, sympathy, love or sadness to the other respondent, As opposed to talking in phone where it’s hard for a person to convey his/her feelings genuinely.

Talking in person is the most effective way of passing message to a large audience e.g. teaching in class as it has the benefit of asking questions and getting answers at the same time from a wide audience and one gets to understand content more easily. Talking in person has always been the best way of communication and will remain so as opposed to talking on phone.

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