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Topic 1 – History of religious education in Australia and more recent developments
· Barnabas Fund. (2018).
Turn the Tide
– Reclaiming Religious Freedom in Australia.Virginia: Isaac Publishing.
· Buckingham, J. 2010,
The Rise of Religious Schools in Australia
, Centre for Independent Studies
· Hastie, D. (2014, February 14).
What’s the future of Australian Christian education? Review of ‘Taking God to School’
· Maddox, M. (2014, March 21).
Too much faith in schools: The rise of Christian Schooling in Australia
· Toh, J. (2014, March 5).
The elephants in the (class)room: Why faith-based religious education has a place in public schools
Topic 2 – The nature and purpose of education in contemporary pluralistic societies
· Biesta, G. (2015).What is education for?European Journal of Education 50(1)
· Toh, J. (2014)
Challenging individualism.Teaching Well
· P Karamouziz (2009)
Religions, education and democracy the necessity of inter-religious education in the modern public system
· Fraser, J. (2016)
Between church and state: Religion and public education in multicultural America.
(pp 1 -7)
· Podcast Q and A: A spiritual special: John Lennox 2011 (last 10 minutes on faith in schools) ABC
· The Melbourne Declaration(2008).
Topic 3 – Different types and forms of Christian/ religious education in different contexts
· Karamouziz, P. (2009)
Religions, education and democracy the necessity of inter-religious education in the modern public system
· Edlin, R. (2017)Religion, secularism & Australian education.
InBetter Learning
· Smith, J.K.A. (2016)Re-Imagining Religion in a Secular Age
· Burgis, P. (2014)Christian education in a secular environment.InTeaching Well
Topic 4 – The place of Biblical content and Biblical perspectives in Religious education:
· A Orr Ewing (2015) Why trust the Bible?
· Thompson, R. (2012)
Scriptures, worldview and education
The Christian Teachers Journal ; October 2012 (pp 22 – 25)
· Pazmino, R.(2008)
Foundational Issues in Christian Education
· Cooling, T. (2014).
Enabling the Bible to control learning in Teaching Well
· Holland, R.(2017)
Bible Shaped Learning
inBetter Learning.
· Lecture PPT Slides
Topic 5 – Benefits and limitations of the use of worldviews as an integrating concept in Christian/religious education
· New Internationalist (2011)Are religious schools bad for society? Humanist Andrew Copson and feminist Catholic theologian Tina Beattie go head-to-head…
· Edlin, R. (2015)
Christian Schools are Good News for society at large.
· Cardus Education Survey (April, 2018)Making the transition: the effect of school sector on extended adolescence.
· Pearcey, N. (2016)
Beyond worldview: equipping teens for a postmodern world.
· Walsh, B. (2012)
Precarious Times : Postmodernity and a Christian Worldview.Christian Teachers Journal.
Topic 6 – Spiritual learning and maturation as a process related to other forms of development and learning
· Melbourne Declaration of Educational Goals for Young Australians(2008)
· Queensland Catholic Education Commission(2010)
Spiritual Development and Religious Education in the Early Years: A Review of the Literature
· Early Learning Framework for Australia “ Belonging , Being and Becoming” (2009)
· Ashton, J. (2017).Warm engagement: the starting point to early childhood learning
.InBetter Learning
· Maple, J. (2014).Teaching and learning. InTeaching Well
Topic 7 – The nature of learning in the 21st century and its implications for religious education
· McCrindle Infographic 2017 Faith and Belief
· McCrindle Infographic 2018 Generation Z
· Cowling, B. (2017)
Shifting the paradigm in education
inBetter Learning
· Tredinnick, A. (2017)
Counter-cultural Christianity
inBetter Learning
· Winter, B. (2014)Learning for Living in first and twenty-first centuriesinTeaching Well.
· AHISA. (2018). Religious Freedom Review. Campbell: Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia.
Topic 8 – Suspicion of authority and religion and its implications for religious education:
· Buckingham, J. (2010).
The Rise of Religious Schools.
· McClean, J. (2018).Are We Now In a Post-Post Christian Pagan Australia? The Gospel Coalition

Are We Now In a Post-Post Christian Pagan Australia?

· Cooling, T. (2014).Enabling the Bible to control learningin Teaching Well
· Cooling, T. (2017).The threat to better learning in Christian Education
inBetter Learning.
Topic 9 – Religious cognition and spiritual awareness as key resources for learning in religious education settings
· Holland, R. (2016).
A Christian Mind
. The Christian teachers Journal
· Wilson, P. (2017).Integrating academic knowledge and life experience. The twin classrooms of deep learninginBetter Learning
· George, T. (2017).
Human knowing and the disciplines
inBetter Learning
· Collinson, S. (2014).Jesus as teacher inTeaching Well
· Smith, C. (2014).Paul as teacher inTeaching Well
Topic 10 – Reflective practice in religious education – content and delivery
· G Maple (2014) Children and adolescentsinTeaching Well.
· S Renn(2017)
Bible Knowledge
n Better Learning
Topic 11 – Assessment in Religious Education
· McGonigle, J. (2017)The impact of marking and feedback on student character
inBetter Learning
· Green, B. (2017)Measuring complexity in the classroom
inBetter Learning
Topic 12 – Alternatives to didactic methodologies
· Collier, J. (2013)
Models of Christian education
in Teach v7 n1
· Van Dyk, J. (2012)Teaching Christianly: What is it?
Christian Teachers Journal
· Pietsch, J. (2017)
Developing the virtuous learning character
inBetter Learning

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