Posted: August 3rd, 2022

Writing Assignment 7

Writing assignment 7

   Topic 8:  How and When I Will Communicate My Classroom Management Approach to Students, Administrators, and Students’ Caregivers (125 – 250 words per bullet point)



· Refer to the MDE document “Access for All” located at (Links to an external site.)

. Incorporate the information and interventions from the guide to help you with this assignment.


How and when will I explain my classroom management plan to students?

· How and when will I communicate my classroom management plan to my administrator(s)?

· How will I seek administrative support?

· How and when will I communicate my plan to students’ families/caregivers?

· How will I request support from my students’ families/caregivers?

Make sure to use the textbook and bible scripture in the submission.

This is the book for this class:

Charles, C.M. and Cole, K. M (2019). Building Classroom Management, Methods and Models (12th Ed.) Pearson

Make sure APA is formatted correctly.

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