Posted: March 12th, 2023

Analytical report about adopting sustainability in an enterprise (ikea)

800 words analytical report about adopting sustainability in an enterprise (ikea)

Sustainability has become one of the most important concerns for modern enterprises. The focus of this paper is to select an example of a sustainable enterprise and discuss the factors that had led to its success along with the challenges that it faces in adopting sustainability.

· The chosen enterprise for this paper is (IKEA)

What is needed:

to critically examine, analyse, and evaluate the enterprise sustainability practices with reference to the theories NOT to broadly tell stories about the enterprise. Rather, an academic, scientific analysis is expected as the outcome of this like (Triple bottom line Approach) & (Develop a world view of environmental sustainability. By applying well-developed theories (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Environmental Kuznets Curve) and analyzing reliable statistical data (Environmental Performance Index, Environmental Performance Index, CO2emission, energy consumption, ecological footprint, and waste generation), two correlated relationships (positive vs. negative) between environmental sustainability and economic development were identified, followed by the development of two types of environmental sustainability (proactive vs. passive).

1. Name the sustainable enterprise and briefly describe its products and activities.

2. What does it mean to be sustainable? Why is your chosen enterprise considered sustainable

3. Based on Sacchetti and Tortia (2016) continuum, discuss the enterprise ownership structure, and how does it affect the enterprise governance and societal impacts? (around 400 words)

4. Discuss how does the enterprise maintain its input-output rules to achieve Environmental Sustainability (ES)? Which ONE factor is the MOST influential in adopting ES and environmentally friendly innovations? Justify your selection. (around 400 words)

5. Make a summery or brief less than 1 paper of point 3 and 4.


Format: Answers should be in the form of a REPORT that could include headings, numbering, and bullet points

Discussion of each point should be clearly labelled according to the point context.

Referencing: Answers must include in-text citation, and a list of resources used in the HARVARD REFERENCING STYLE should be provided at the end of the report.

E-Library resources: use scholarly studies found in the E-library or refer to Google scholar

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