Posted: February 26th, 2023

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Use the information from your own personal and professional preparation to answer the following questions in your application essay for the B.S. Nursing Prelicensure program:   

How have your life and professional experiences prepared you for the WGU B.S. Nursing Prelicensure program? my background in health care/ CAN caregiver/ sterile processing technician,

Previous experience/ my background worked with patient care unit for almost two years

Educational background / attend 6 months training in collage for CAN/ attend another 1 year in sterile processing technicians school.

Community involvement/ volunteered in Texas medical center for about 6 months in intensive unite care.

How can the WGU nursing program prepare you to deliver and/or support healthcare to the community in which you live? 

Tell us about the characteristics, abilities, and skills you would bring to the nursing profession. 

Reflect on your decision to become a nurse and tell us about any concerns that surfaced and how you overcame those concerns. / decision involve me going through cancer with my father I was his personal homecare, he did pass on but being

able to care for him make me realize how much of a help I can be to my community   

application tips/ The B.S. Nursing Prelicensure program is writing intensive, and this essay will give you the opportunity to represent your writing skills to the Nursing Admissions Committee.  As you answer the questions above, we will examine your application essay to ensure your writing meets the following criteria: 

· Plagiarism will result in an automatic decline during the competitive selection process.  

· Originality and uniqueness are expected. Writing is self-reflective, creative, innovative, and diverse. 

· Writing directly addresses all four application essay questions. 

· Writing is clear and appropriate for the purpose of the assignment.  

· All evidence and examples are used effectively and are specific and relevant.  

· Ideas are coherently and logically organized with well‐developed paragraphs and effective transitions.  

· All sentences are well written with varied sentence structure and are free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  

· Maintains appropriate tone, diction, and vocabulary for various modes of writing.  

· Work demonstrates clear understanding of the target audience


· Name, Title of Document (Application Essay), Date 

· Include header/page numbers   

· 2-3 pages (main body), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font 

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