Posted: February 26th, 2023

Applying Qualitative Methods to Program Evaluation

500 words


Read the following:

  • Navarro, D. J., Foxcroft, D. R., & Faulkenberry, T. J. (2019). Learning statistics with JASP: A tutorial for psychology students and other beginners.

    Chapter 9, “Categorical Data Analysis [PDF].”

  • Bulanda, J. J., & McCrea, K. T. (2013). The promise of an accumulation of care: Disadvantaged African-American youths’ perspectives about what makes an after school program meaningful. Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, 30(2), 95–118.
  • Pell Institute. (n.d.). Analyze qualitative data.

For this discussion:

  • Critique Bulanda and McCrea’s 2013 article, “The Promise of an Accumulation of Care,” which uses a qualitative program evaluation model. 

    What are the strengths of the design?
    What are weaknesses or limitations to the methodology, analysis, and conclusions drawn from the data?
    How would you recommend strengthening the design?

  • Apply concepts of qualitative research to the program evaluation design that you started in the previous discussion posts based on a previous or current work, internship, or volunteer experience. 

    How would you collect qualitative data and analyze it?

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