Posted: February 26th, 2023

business leadership



Choose one organization from the following list and write a report describing and analyzing the management style of their respective CEOs and comment on their impact on their respective organizations: 

Shell, Unilever, AstraZeneca, BP & Glencore

After undertaking an extensive research on the company, you must identify and state the issues within that company. The topics to be chosen from your module are given below and cover learning outcomes for this module. 

For each task given (FROM A to E), you are expected to incorporate at least one appropriate theory/model or recognized practice. 

In your conclusion, you are to include at least two recommendations as to how might the company improve the situation in the future. 


A) Analyse and comment on the effectiveness of the managerial / leadership style of the CEO using suitable theoretical models. (400 words) 

B) Assess the current structure and culture of the organisation and comment on whether the CEO has any role and impact in creating and enforcing them to achieve high performance. (400 words) 

C) Explain the Entrepreneurial Strategy and Corporate Governance policies followed by the CEO of that organisation to enhance the organisational effectiveness and performance. (400 words)  

D) Examine the effects of power, influence and conflict resolution at the chosen company by the CEO in managing change. (400 words) 

E) Explain the various types of motivation strategies used at your chosen company and their influence on employees’ performance. (400 words)  

F) Use appropriate corporate examples and literature to justify your research. (250 words)

G) Based on the discussion and debate what suggestions / recommendations (strategies) would you make to increase organisational performance? (350 words)


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