Posted: February 26th, 2023


KINS 256 – Cardiovascular Worksheet

Complete the following worksheet by responding to the prompts. Each prompt is worth 2 points.

1. Outline the flow of blood through the heart.

2. List and explain the phases of the Cardiac Cycle including how the SA node, AV node and Purkinje fibers aid in control of this process.

3. Define Cardiac Output and provide the equation that is used to determine this.

4. Explain what would happen to stroke volume if EDV increases and ESV remained constant or decreased.

5. Pretend you have a client that asked you to explain to them why regular exercise can help lower their blood pressure.

6. What changes would you expect to see in a person’s HR, SBP and DBP respectively, in response to exercise?

7. Discuss what VO2 is, including the components of the equation used to calculate this. Discuss the expected difference in VO2 max for trained vs. untrained individuals including why you would expect to see that difference.

8. Discuss the physiological adaptations to the Cardiovascular system during exercise (Don’t just list, discuss briefly how each responds).

9. From a physiological perspective, what concerns might you have if an athlete’s labs indicated their hematocrit values were low. What could this mean, and why could this impact training?

10. Explain the physiological processes that result in the redistribution of blood flow during exercise.

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