Posted: February 26th, 2023

Case Presentation

Please see attached.

5320- U6 A1: Case Presentation

Locate three case studies relevant to the topic you selected in the Unit 2
assignment. Your textbook, course examples, media, or real-world situations
are good sources for case studies. Highlight the organizations and human
services populations in the case studies and weigh the policies, laws, and
ethical guidelines that influenced the decision-making process.

Include the following elements in your assignment submission:

● Introduction.
● The professional ethical code used throughout and the rationale for

choosing it.
● For each case study:

○ Summarize the case study, including all key points:
○ An introduction to the situation described in the case

○ The organization and the human services population

○ Analyze the ethical issue (or issues) at both the macro

(population and organization) level and the micro (case-specific,
individual client) level.

○ Analyze the policies, laws, and ethical guidelines that influence
the ethical decision-making process.

○ Analyze the ethical decision-making process, considering how
personal desires and feelings intersect with ethical obligations.

● Headings that correspond to the key points in the scoring rubrics.
Review sections 3.02–3.03 of the APA manual (6th edition) for
guidance on headings.

The cases studies you select for this assignment will be used as the basis for
discussions in your final project assignment.

Assignment Requirements

● Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that
detract from the overall message.

● Writing style: Present the content of this assignment in paragraph
format and include transitional phrases, headings to define document
sections, appropriate subheadings, and references.

● References: Your paper must include at least six academic references.
References must be from academic journals, textbooks, or a
professional code of ethics.

● APA formatting: Use proper APA format for headings. In-text citations
and references at the end of the paper must be in proper APA style
and formatting.

● Length of paper: 5–7 typed, double-spaced pages.
● Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Attach your paper as a Word document and submit it in the assignment

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