Posted: February 28th, 2023

chapter 10 assignment

Chapter 10 Assignment

Assignment Chapter 10

Create a patient education brochure that conforms to recommended reading levels, considers age-related learning barriers, and accommodates cultural differences. The group may choose a fictitious case scenario or an actual scenario from a recent clinical experience. For this activity, several students will need to bring laptops to class or the class will need to have access to a computer lab. Alternately, this activity could be assigned to students to complete outside of class to be shared with the class or submitted for a grade.


· Your paper should be:

. One (1) page or more.

. Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.

. Cite your sources – type references according to the 

APA Style Guide


· Upload your file by clicking ”
Browse My Computer” for Attach File.

· View 



 for grading

***The following are some websites that can help. I really do not want you to copy one off the internet but rather make your own from the ideas. If you look on Microsoft Word they have a format for a brochure.***


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