Posted: February 28th, 2023

Chapter Summary #2

 Your choices for the SECOND chapter summary come from Musical Lyrics and Domestic Violence: The Soundtracks of Our Lives (Ross, 2022) and can include any one of the following chapters: 

Chapter Five (pages 55-58) “Country Sounds of Domestic Violence”  OR

Chapter Six (pages 71-80). Rock ‘N’ Rolling With Domestic Violence”

Please adhere to the following format and guidelines:

  • Pages 1-2: Provide a summary of the chapter (in your own words, please).
  • Page 3-4: Identify (what you think is) the most interesting points made in the chapter. As part of this, identify the weakest—or most questionable—arguments made in the chapter, and. Can you identify some songs that could have been included?
  • Page 5—Draft a critical reaction to the arguments you have raised. List any of the songs (in this chapter) you think best portray the dynamics of domestic violence.  Primarily, focus on things that you learned from deconstructing music related to this genre. Then, discuss which songs you would have added if you were the author. Be sure to qualify your answers and defend your position.  Finally, feel free to reinterpret any song in the chapter to further inform this discussion. Be creative????.

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