Posted: February 28th, 2023

Chem Mod 4

Chem Mod 4 case

In this essay assignment you will research one of the following topics:

· pH regulation in the body

· pH and the environment.

Select a research article that supports your topic and summarize its findings that relate to acid-base chemistry.

Case Assignment

Your essay should include the following elements in no more than 2 pages, not counting the title and reference page:

· Introduction

· Discuss how pH is regulated by the human body or discuss how acids/bases impact the environment

· Discuss how the human body uses buffers to control pH or where buffers can be found in the environment and how they work

· Find a research article related to your chosen topic and summarize the main idea of the article and how it relates to acid base chemistry

· Conclusion

· Resources (should be a minimum of 3)

Your essay should follow APA formatting and be approximately 1.5-2 pages, not counting the title and reference page. A minimum of three scholarly references should be included.

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