Posted: March 12th, 2023

Chris hierarchy of needs assignments

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Chris Wilson Hierarchy Needs:
What is needs are being fulfilled and what is lacking?

Love/Belonging – No loved one or any belonging were left for him. The only belonging he had was his journal, CDs, the clothes on his back, and his name. His whole family neglected him. Family considered Chris as a burden. He had a sexual intimacy with Star that he had to cut off in order not to hold her back and let her go live her life. At that moment he had no friends on the outside world just the people in the prison that were not even his friends.

Safety – Chris Wilson had security of body but no security of employment, resources, or morality. He had no safety of his family as his mother would not answer the calls and her sister will not go visit him. Sister said that they do not owe him, and it is not their responsibility anymore. He had no safety of property as he was all alone, neglected by his family. He had his health and well-being.

Self-actualization – Chris Wilson found worth in himself as he had his master plan to work on. He was creative and he was trying to become the best of him by solving his problems and looking forward in to doing greater stuff. He shows acceptance of the facts that happened, and he is moving forward. He shows growth motivation rather than deficiency motivated.

Self -Esteem -Low esteem at the beginning as he was neglected by his whole family and he had no respect by others just his girlfriend Star as she did not want to leave him. After Chris Wilson realized that he has lost everyone he decided if his name meant anything at all and it is where I think he is catching up on his self-esteem and decides to move forward. He is looking forward into achieving his master plan.

Physiological – Food and shelter were not supplied anymore as he left the house and got in a fight with his mother but supplied in prison. Basic stuff for survival were supplied to him in prison. He was not treated the same with his sister. He was neglected from his mother and sister and emotionally abused.



Hierarchy of Needs Assignment

The Hierarchal Model

Being Need

Deficit Needs
Created by Sid Baret (2011)

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