Posted: February 26th, 2023

City Plabnners in Atlanta, Ga, USA

What does a city planner do? Do you know one to interview?

This assignment requires me to document and interview a government worker.

· The paper must be no less than 8 pages

· Free of plagiarism

· Convincing—you can make ALL of it up. Just answer the questions below.

· I only ask that the person be:

· A city planner

· Works for the city of Atlanta, everything else is up to you to create.

· Use what I said above to answer the questions below

1. What is your educational and career background? 

2. How did those experiences (educational and occupational) lead to this position? 

3. How long have you been in this position? 

4. What are the primary constituents you serve in this position and how do you support them specifically? 

5. What are the key challenges you face in your current role and how do you manage them day to day? 

6. How has technology impacted your job over the last 5 years?  How do you expect that impact to grow over the next decade? 

7. What advice would you offer me as an aspiring public servant? 

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