Posted: February 26th, 2023

Cloud Networking

Draw upon a current area of IT that is in widespread use, including networking, programming, IT security, databases, data storage, cloud-based application delivery and storage, electronic health records, mobile, data analytics, or other areas. Research and describe the cloud concept within the chosen area. 

For example, if you selected network infrastructure, you might provide an overview of network infrastructure key components and how these have changed over the years, along with how the network infrastructure is moving toward cloud use. Consider the benefits of moving a physical data center to the cloud, and whether it be a full deployment or a hybrid deployment.

Include cloud definitions and terminology in your descriptions of key features and components. Describe drivers for change in this area of IT and its likely future. Feel free to make your own predictions about where this technology is going. Overall, you should focus on the question: What is the future of this technology?

Response Guidelines

Review posts by your fellow learners, and respond to at least two posts. Comment on information or experience that you have, or share your perceptions and expectations of this area.

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