Posted: February 28th, 2023

Cmst (19/02)

Kindly read the instructions.

Step 1: Carefully review your notes from the lectures and PowerPoint presentations on Norms that Help Make a Group a Team, Fostering a Collaborative Team Climate and, Business Chemistry. Identify the temperament style you primarily utilize when working in teams (either in the professional environment or in the college setting (Pioneer, Integrator, Driver, or Guardian).

Step 2: In a 3-4 page response (with1.5 line spacing, size 12 arial font or similar, and .75 inch margins), address each of the following:

1.) Which temperament style do you primarily rely on? Next, reflect on your temperament style. What energizes you when working in teams? Please provide a specific example. What alienates you when working in a team? Provide a specific example.

2.) Reflect further on your temperament style. Identify the key assets you bring to a team collaboration. How do your assets align with the role(s) you typically hold when working in teams? Explain. Please provide a specific example.

3.) With your temperament style in mind, what do you find particularly challenging about decision-making in teams? Explain. In order to promote collaboration when working in teams, how will you go about empathizing/perspective-taking with other team members who bring different temperaments (some that you may clash with)? Explain. Provide a specific example.

4.) Reflect on the norms that promote team collaboration. What particular norms do you find most essential to a successful team collaboration? How will you go about promoting/upholding these norms? Explain. Be specific.

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