Posted: February 28th, 2023

COM 3230 Discussion 4

  • Discussion 4
  • Review the crisis communication case studies in both the Lachlan and Liberman texts, with

    emphasis on the “Deflategate’ scandal in Liberman et al Chapter 9, as well as viewing this video:

    Deflategate: A timeline of controversy around Tom Brady, Patriots – Sports IllustratedLinks to an

    external site.

    In at least three brief paragraphs (30 to 50 words each) describe:

    1 — How you think the organization was effective or not, and why.

    2 — How did the organization’s past reputation influence the public’s perception of the

    situation, and how it was punished by the league.

    3 — How did the personalities of the team’s star, coach and owner impact news and social

    media coverage of the crisis.

    References to crisis communication research/theories from the textbooks are always

    suggested, as well.

    Before submitting, please proofread your work for proper grammar, punctuation,

    capitalization, etc.

    This is a team assignment. While the submission content will be the same for the entire team,

    each member must submit to receive credit.

    Late submissions will be marked down automatically.

      Discussion 4

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