Posted: February 26th, 2023


We were introduced to the definition of leadership from a communication perspective. The communication perspective of leadership focuses on the communication style of the leader as the defining attribute of the leader. Johnson and Hackman (2018)’s four primary definitional themes of leadership describes the leader according to who the leader is (the trait theory); how the leader acts in situations(situational leadership); the influence of leader on others (transformational leadership); and how the leaders collaborates with followers (servant leadership). Please note that there are other leadership styles beyond these four, Johnson and Hackman(2018) take these four as broad categories which encompass distinct styles .

You need to research on servant leadership or any of the four definitional leadership(trait leadership, situational leadership, transformational leadership) which cover:

1. A clear definition of leadership style that you have chosen- please find different literature sources, such as books, journal articles from which to find definitions. From the definitions, select the one which you think best describes the leadership style that you have selected.

2. A description of this leadership style in detail-again use the leadership theories which are in the course textbook.

3. Inclusion of a theory which best explains this leadership style- please use the leadership theories which are in the course textbook.

4. An identification of an individual which best embodies this leadership style-explain the specific attributes of this person, or actions which justify your application of this leadership style on this individual.

5-7 academic sources. APA 7th edition.

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