Posted: February 26th, 2023


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BEFORE you complete the reading this week take a few minutes to think
about your communication style and how you handle conflict. Make a list of

your strengths and areas that need improvement and keep the list close by

as you read the readings and work on the discussion questions.

Once you’ve completed the reading, watch this video.

Now, think about your list, what you read this week, and what you learned

from the video.

• What is the Bowen Family Systems Theory and how can it be used to
address the issues surrounding family stress and conflict? Be sure to
use an example related to the video to clarify your position.

• Based on what you learned and read this week, as well as your own
experience, please discuss how do gender and culture affect family
functioning and communication?

• How do the “agents of socialization” help family members learn to
function in their social world and socializes them as it relates to
gender. Please write 250 words

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