Posted: March 12th, 2023

Consolidation assignment

Sheet 1: Brief characterization of the methodology used by Fortune to define the list (not more than 120 words in your own words, not copying it from the website!) and at least 5 variables relevant to building the ranking (with a short description of each one). Additionally, identify yourself or the team as the author of this workbook.

Sheet 2: All the data downloaded from this website for the last available year, showing all the columns. Add:

  1. 2 histograms with seven bins each of any two of the variables (columns),
  2. a column chart of the % Women vs the rank of the company, and
  3. a scatter plot of the job openings in the horizontal axis vs the new graduates hired in the vertical axis.

Sheet 3: The descriptive statistics of each one of the variables reported, of the companies ranked from 1 to 20, and of the companies ranked from 81 to 100, created with the Data Analysis Toolpak, side by side. By inspection of the statistics obtained, try to draw conclusions about the similarities and differences between the top 20 companies and the lowest 20 columns. 

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