Posted: February 26th, 2023


KINS 260 – Submax Cardio Field Assessments & Exercise Tests

This activity will provide you the opportunity to interpret results for a walk test, and complete and interpret a step test and Submax Bike Test. You will also apply your findings to ExRx.

Field Test: Rockport Walk Test (1-mile walk test)

Use the following data to interpret the results of the assessment.

Gender: Male
Age: 36
Weight: 185 lbs
Time to complete: 12 min 45 sec
HR: 142bpm

1. Show your work for calculating an estimated VO2mx with the above data

2. Provide an ExRx for this client based on their results for improving CRF.

Field Test: Queen’s College Step Test

1. Complete a Queen’s College Step Test with a “client”

Recovery HR: _________

2. Calculate your “client’s” estimated VO2max and show your work.

3. Use the Treadmill-Based Cardio Fitness Classification (Table 3.8 in GTEP 11th Edition) to classify the fitness rating of this client.

4. Based on the classification, what ExRx would you include for this “client”.

5. What factors other than CRF fitness level may influence results of this type of test?

YMCA Cycle Ergometer Submax Test

Body Weight:
Age Predicted HR Max:

Resting Heart Rate:
70% HRR:

Testing Values (record all, be sure to indicate which are 1st and 2nd above 110):

HR Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4:

BP Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4:

1. Complete the graph technique to interpret the data. Graph, work rate, & interpretation packet will be provided (or can be downloaded on the assignment page) submit along with this worksheet. Use the equation below (from page 78 of the Fitness Assessment Manual) and plug in the workload determined by the graph to get estimated VO2max.

VO2 = [(1.8 X Work Rate)/body weight in kg] + 7

2. Complete the calculation-based-formula for the data here, show work:

3. Interpret the results of the submax bike test (use table 3.9 in the GTEP text)

4. Provide an ExRx for this client based on their estimated VO2max

Post Activity:

1. How would you determine which CRF assessment to use with your client?

2. Complete a 3 -2 -1 for this activity. 3 things you learned, 2 things you need practice with, 1 main lingering question or take away.

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