Posted: February 26th, 2023

cultural humility lens

This week, you will create a reference that highlights how the elements of either the structural model or the Bowen model can be viewed from a cultural humility lens. This assignment will require you to think creatively about how parts of the model may or may not fit this lens. Attached is a Word document that you will fill out as you consider the connections with the model that you pick and the way you see humility fitting with this model.

, rather a listing of ideas. You can generate complete sentences or understandable “bulleted” lists (just make sure you include enough information so that your professor understands the point that you are making).

You may utilize the presented articles here, information outside of this course (including resources from previous courses), or other information/research from the library to complete the document.

Length: 3 p (filled out worksheet)

References: Include a minimum of 4 scholarly resources.

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