Posted: February 27th, 2023



· Estes & Mintz (2016). 
Instruction: A Models Approach: pp. 40-133 (chapters 3-7) – 93 pages

· Hammond, Z. (2015). 
Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain: ch. 4-6 (pp. 52 – 107) – 55 pages


· Educational Technology. (2019). 

The NYS Generation Learning Standards Leading Advanced Literacies Instruction for the 21st Century

. (1 hour 10

· min.)

· NAEYC & NAECS/SDE (2003). 

Early Childhood Curriculum, Assessment and Program Evaluation: Building an Effective, Accountable System in Programs for Children Birth through Age 8 (pdf)


Here are the links to the standards (also shown and explained in the attached document that you will complete your work on):

· Link to 

NYS Next Generation Mathematics, P-12 Standards (pdf)


· Link to 

NYS Next Generation ELA Standards (pdf)

· Link to 

NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework

· Link to 

New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards

 – NY  OR link to

 NGLS here

 to search by grade level:

· Link to 

NYS Arts Standards Implementation Resources

· Link to 

NYS Physical Education Learning Standards-2020 (pdf)

In this module we have spent time exploring standards and different instructional models from chapters 3-7 of your Estes & Mintz (2016) text.  For this assignment I would like you to create an essay that includes the following (use bold terms at beginning of each bullet as headings in your paper):

Your paper is expected to be 3 ½ pages double line. It should be well written and organized, include a reference from the text and videos (no outside resources) list when appropriate (in APA format), using proper sentence structure and spellchecked.

Instructional Models – Examines and defines all 5 models in your own words, as presented in chapters 3-7 from Estes & Mintz (2016).

· You are 
not to use an outside text.  Your work must reflect the work of Estes & Mintz or it will not receive credit. 

Two Relevant Instructional Models – Discusses which two models discussed above, appeal to you the most (from Estes & Mintz ch. 3-7), and why you feel they are a good fit at this point for your unit topic and your grade level.   

· Remember, all instructional models can be used for any grade level.

Unit Design Impact – Evaluates how understanding the different instructional models impacts how you will design your unit (please always have the title of your unit and the grade level at the top of each assignment).

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Integrates the Hammond (2015) text, briefly summarizing the author’s points in each of the three chapters (4, 5, and 6) and discusses how the text supports New York’s vision for the NGLS (see video).

· Standards -In doing so, also consider state standards as a whole, and be sure to discuss (use the links for standards plus the video to inform your writing and support your opinion)

· What is the importance of standards?

· How do standards play a role in teaching and learning?

· Should standards be used? Why or why not?

Finally, you must also explain what standards (choose 3-5 standards) you plan to use in your unit of study:

Standards I will be using based on my daily activitie


PKW2: Use a combination of drawing, dictating, oral expression, and/or emergent writing to name a familiar topic and supply information in child-centered, authentic, play-based learning. 


PKW7: Engage in a discussion using gathered information from experiences or provided resources. 


PKSL5: Create a visual display. 


PKL5a: Sort common objects into categories (e.g., shapes, foods) for understanding of the concepts the categories represent. 


· Why did you choose these standards?

· How do these standards fit into your unit of study?

· Will additional standards be used throughout the unit and if so, what are they?

· All assignments need to demonstrate your understanding of the readings and videos in 
this course.  If you use outside materials or try and research the content on the web, your assignment will not be accepted and will not be able to be re-submitted. 

· Do not look up course terms on the web.  Make real connections between the texts and videos to your writing, and if you use direct quotes, use quotation marks and keep the quotes short (no more than 20 words that you then explain in 
your own words). 

· Your work 
must reflect course concepts as they are taught through the content guides, texts, articles, and videos. 

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