Posted: February 28th, 2023

cyber threat project


You are a new addition of the information assurance staff of a repair parts distributor. You serve companies such as NAPA and AutoZone, however, you are also about to bid on a contract to provide parts distribution to the military. The parts you will provide to the military are not sensitive in themselves, they are normal automotive parts for military vehicles. Your organization is located at four centers in the US: Baltimore, MD; Corpus Christi, TX; Sacramento, CA; and Pensacola, FL. Your headquarters is in Baltimore. All four locations have the operations database at mirrored for ease of access. All four locations lease their buildings and online virtual meeting spaces. Your company has devices that have been identified to be vulnerable when this story was published:



APA example 6th Edition

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You outsource your network maintenance to a third party contractor. Your leadership is worried about your networks being vulnerable from outside actors because you may be working with the military. You have no control over the vendors that provide parts to you or the organizations you provide them to. Both provide information to your organization for the status of shipments. Currently, both feed information into your computer network databases.

Explain how you are going to assess and prioritize the threats and then what decision you will recommend.

Final Project Criteria:

Note: There is no absolute “right” or “wrong” answer to this. However, you must integrate what you learned in this course and expand upon it on your own to answer the requirements. This is an exercise to force you to think both creatively and critically. How well you do this determines your grade.

Your research should include:

· How did you gather your intelligence?

· Who is the threat?

· What are the risks to the organization?

· How may the organization be impacted by regulations or laws because of these risks? (I understand you are not a lawyer; however you need to know your constraints and legal requirements)

· How do you prioritize the threats since resources are finite?

· What do you recommend as a decision to leadership?

· What is the rationale for your decision?

· What will your decision cost in terms of money, time, resources, etc.?

You will have a maximum of 15 minutes for the presentation. Presentations going over will be penalized. Leaders need information in clear and concise terms that they understand.

Paper Requirements: Use the attached APA paper template. Minimum: 10 pages, Maximum: 15 pages.

Include the following:

Font: New Times Roman, 12 pts, full-page illustrations are not counted as a page.

I’ll check: subject matter, contents, linkage, exhibits, etc…

Page 1, Title page: subject title, your names (Group and individual’s), Instructor name, course number and title.

Page 2, Abstract

Page 3, Table of contents page (Not an APA requirement but a course Requirement).

Pages 4 to 19, Body pages: 15 text pages max.

Page 20, Reference page.

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