Posted: February 28th, 2023

Data Mining and Cyber

Data mining- 2 sets

1set=3 pages

Cyber-8 pages and 16 slides( from content)



Please answer the following questions. 
 Please note that grading criteria are included within the Word Document. Please carefully read the directions. When completed, save your Word Document, and upload it to the assignment folder.

1. When we ask questions like, “How much data is too much data-to-data mine?” we seek specific knowledge. For this project, you need to identify a specific information system you use for data mining and explain an issue the information system might have with data mining big data.

2. When looking at an analytics tool such as Tableau, especially the mapping capabilities, how important is the information it produces? Explain how the mapping capabilities can be used to forecast, for example, sales in an area, new company location, or new product sales.

3. What are analytics, and what are the different types of analytics? 

Required Resources

Access to the Internet

Submission Requirements

· Format: Microsoft Word

· Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double-Space

· Citation Style: APA

· Length: 3-5 pages

Please write a paper between 1000-2000 words covering the module topics in this course. Create a fictional company that you are the CISO for. Please craft a paper using the APA format to outline your cybersecurity plan to the CEO and the stakeholder. Allow the assumptions below to frame your cybersecurity plan. 

Essential Topics: Be sure to put interest on these issues 

1. Please reference your company product(s), primary means of communication, advertising, and sales/distribution.

2. What are your companies vulnerabilities? What are the threats to your company’s people, resources, and business model? 

3. Explain your organization’s risks and how you plan to deal with them. Use the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) model.

4. Explain your plan to respond to an incident(s), be resilient throughout the incident, and recover from the incident?

5. Are there any costs that the company will have to pay for? If so, how will it get paid and what is the Return on Investment (ROI)? 


1. This paper must be formatted in APA Style 7th edition.

2. This paper must at least touch on every week of the course. 

3. If you exceed 2000 words please use 


 for a topic’s procedure and implementation details. 

4. Please refer to the written assignment rubric on the start here tab for this paper. 

5. This paper is due Saturday at 11:59 PM EST

6. The effort you put into this paper will determine your grade. You are not expected to be an expert. Do your research and craft your plan.

7. Utilize this paper to do your presentation. The presentation is the breakdown of this paper to be presented to the C-Suite of your company.

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