Posted: March 11th, 2023

Database Scenario:


Database Scenario:

Jack from the local hardware store, Main Street Hardware, has come to you requesting your database development services. He needs a database that will store product inventory, including products on hand as well as the vendors from whom he purchases these products. He also wants to track sales. He describes the business functions as follows.

  • Customers purchase products creating invoices.
  • Products are purchased from vendors.
  • The product on hand is tracked so that proper ordering from the vendor can take place in a timely manner.

Business Rules: 

  • A customer creates zero or many invoices and zero or many invoices are created by one and only one customer. 
  • Many products are associated with zero or many invoices. 
  • Zero or many invoices are associated with many products.
  • A vendor sells one or many products and many or zero products are sold by one and only one vendor. 



  1. Database Design: Create the ER diagram using MS Visio. Be sure to include table names, primary /foreign key fields, attributes, relationships, crow’s feet notation, and minimum/maximum cardinalities.
  2. Database Application: Create the matching Access database using the ER diagram that you just created. Be sure to include table names, primary/foreign keys, attributes, field descriptions where applicable, and relationships setting referential integrity. Add at least 10 records to each table.
  3. Create two queries. Make sure that each contains either a criterion to refine the search data or a function that computes a value. Be sure to name these queries with a descriptive name as well. 
  4. Uniqueness: In one of your queries you must add a field that shows the current date along with your StudentID. Enter the following into the last field in one of your queries: Uniqueness: Now() & ” STUNAM1234″ (where STUNAM1234 is your studentID).
  5. Create one report based on one of your queries. You may choose the type of design.
  6. Upload your Visio ER diagram (.vsdx) and Access database (.accdb) files for grading using the submission instructions below.

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