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I need initial post and 2 responses to classmates

Professional Connections With Discrete Mathematics

Discrete mathematics can be viewed as a set, or collection, of a number of concepts spanning algorithms, logic, matrix operations, and set theory. Basic applications of these concepts can seem fairly clear as you study them, while the further translation, or transfer, in applicability to the real world or to your profession can be harder to grasp without focused research and reflection. This discussion is an opportunity for you to market yourself to a prospective employer by presenting how the concepts and skills you have learned in this class may be applied to your current or future profession.

Post 1: Initial Response

You will write a college-level learning narrative in which you write specifically about how the skills and concepts you have learned in class are useful to a current or future employer. Choose two specific concepts or skills that you have studied in this course and research how they may be applied to your current or future profession. You will highlight specific examples related to each concept as evidence of your learning and express key ideas related to each concept which you discover are important in your field based on evidence from your research.

As you draft the body paragraphs of your learning narrative, address the following questions for each of your two concepts:

· How is the concept applicable to the field you would like to pursue?

· From your research, what sources discuss this application, and how do they characterize applying the concept in the profession?

· Share at least one specific example of a problem or skill you learned to show your prospective employer your understanding of this concept.

· Share at least two key ideas that you need to highlight during an interview.

· Is knowledge of the concept reflected in the required skills for a job advertisement you might consider? If so, describe the job and what part of the job advertisement reflects the need to possess knowledge of this concept.

The learning narrative should include a title page and reference page, as well as at least 1-page double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. Every piece of writing should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You are expected to use outside resources for this essay. Cite at least two sources in proper APA format on a reference page. You must also use appropriate APA in-text citations throughout your narrative.

Your writing should include a highly developed purpose and viewpoint; it should also be written in Standard English and demonstrate college-level content, organization, style, grammar, and mechanics. There should be no evidence of plagiarism. If you are unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, please review the 

Plagiarism Policy


Post 2: Reply to a Classmate

Read a classmate’s learning narrative and find at least one professional application for concepts you had not recognized before. Reflect on how this information better prepares you for navigating your own professional goals in the future by considering questions such as:

· How might these additional applications apply to your own professional goals?

· What value have you now recognized in the study of discrete mathematics?

· How might you seek out further applications of discrete mathematics later in your career to understand existing applications for concepts you have not yet studied?

Post 3: Reply to Another Classmate
Read a different classmate’s learning narrative and find at least one similar, or somewhat related, application for concepts you had expressed in your essay. Reflect on how seeing this information further informs you for navigating your own professional goals in the future by considering questions such as:

· How do applications of discrete mathematics appear to be similar across different types of jobs or professional fields?

· How might you distinguish yourself among your peers in expressing your understanding of how the concept may be applied?

· How will you learn about new applications of discrete mathematics later in your career to stay well-informed about the latest applications emerging from developments in discrete mathematics?

Brendan Lopez

Purdue University Global

MM250 Discrete Mathematics

Prof. Scott VanZuiden

   In Maintenance there are many variables that depend on the ability to predict possible downtime. In this report I will be sharing my insights into how this class has opened my eyes to the real world applications of probability and matrices in Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance.  

   In Maintenance it is part of our job to assess and predict possible machine breakdowns and downtime that would other wise cost our company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Probability allows the user the ability to make mechanical predictions based on true data. Probability allows you to track all past major breakdowns and organize them in a way that we could make preventive work orders to decrease major breakdowns. Using past data to graph and predict future breakdowns would allow for preventive Maintenance technicians to get a jump on possible breakdowns rather than waiting for the machine to breakdown.

   Matrices are another way that I can use my new learned knowledge of why electrical breakdowns happen and how to prevent them. While learning the basics of electrical engineering we learned of kirchoffs law. “Kirchoff’s First Law states that at the junction of two currents, a new current is formed, which is the sum of those merged currents. Kirchoff’s Second Law states that all voltages in a circuit, when added together, must combine to be zero, which is proven through conservation of energy.”(Matrices applied to electrical circuits, 2023). Now in electrical systems if you have never seen or troubleshot a certain problem you could be using valuable time to fix the problem. Using matrices you can use gaussian elimination to simplify solutions. A common problem is when in the field you don’t have a print or schematic to figure voltage or possible voltage drop. Using matrices you can solve for the voltage source using resistance and current.

   With the ever changing fast paced society we live in today. Finding the fastest solution to difficult problems is a must and goto especially in my field of work. Both matrices and probability can help with finding quick solutions to both mechanical and electrical solutions.

greenhr16. (2019, March 30). Matrices applied to electrical circuits. Linear Algebra Applications S19. Retrieved February 14, 2023, from

Sean Sullivan

MM250 Discrete Mathematics

Professor Scott VanZuiden

February 11, 2023

Network Administration

         A good understanding of how the processes are computationally fulfilled in their scope is necessary will be efficient and scalability. A strong understanding of discrete mathematics is how to issue resolutions with programming and outcomes of a data set’s performances. Mathematics will empower network administrators to implement computation by logic operations allowing solutions to scale well with data sets and foundations in matrices.       

The use of logic in a network administrator is imperative in the effective in administration of switches, access points, and routers. Logical thinking and application will assist the network administrator in programming the ios that encompass the network devices.  

In a network administration, there are concerns that the bottom line, the more understanding of the infrastructure that supports an organization, the more they can support the bottom line. The matrices used are a common implementation used in a business decision-making process. For network administrators, this shows how they understand matrices used in network administration.  An understanding of domain knowledge within network administration is required and having the desire to learn other applications such as matrices is key to being knowledgeable.

         Logic and matrices can help its logical environment. Some job postings for IT administrators call for critical thinking and understanding analytics to visualize the network. Candidates claim this skill when interviewing for a position. The knowledge from logic and critical thinking are highlights of the position. The use of ios programming using logic can deliver security to data systems and data computation to produce insight for decision making.

         Network administrators can benefit from discrete mathematics. Specifically, a bridge to the computational process and spanning trees. Logic operations and matrices provide network administrators with efficient computation and scale solutions to be successful in their careers.

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Boolean algebra (boolean expression, rules, theorems and examples). BYJUS. Retrieved February 11, 2023, from

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How is math used in cybersecurity? Retrieved February 11, 2023, from

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