Posted: February 28th, 2023

Digital marketing MRKT 623



Your objective is to write a semi-structured extended essay.

2.  700 words INCLUSIVE OF REFERENCES (plus title page, and appendices) 

3.  You are expected to provide original references to complete your arguments. You can naturally refer to the textbook 

4. Use graphic support within space limits and following referencing rules. 

5.  Choose 
TWO OUT THE THREE ESSAY QUESTIONS PROVIDED. Submit your answers clearly outlined with titles and in one single file. 

Q1 When discussing the topic of search engine optimization, the concept of website  or domain authority  as introduced by 


 is generally referred to as a guiding principle.  What  other ways or approaches can be used to increase the chance to appear on the top three positions in SERP? In your essay provide one general example of this alternate concept.

Q2 Omni-channels is the first strategic approach in the course. A) Why is the concept of user experience (UX) commonly associated to Omnichannel strategy? B) Why is omnichannel commonly used by traditional (brick and mortar) retailers? As example, identify and describe a retailer in Canada adopting this approach.


Q3 Analytics is the core skill in digital marketing. All strategy hinges in good information and data analysis. A) We discussed the importance of focusing our analytics framework on the so-called customer journey What are the basic elements behind a good customer journey insight metric selection. B) What would the top three metrics to monitor?

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