Posted: February 28th, 2023

Discussion Reply:Vibration of a vehicle passing a speed bump

 Vibration of a vehicle passing a speed bump, there can be many  variations when it comes to this calculus formula as there are many  different factors to take into account such as the vehicles  shocks(suspension), the vehicle’s tires as some have vibration dampening  such as the tesla tires, and finally the road what I mean by the road  is how smooth is the speed bump or how tall it is, or the speed bump is a  rubber speed bump. The most basic equation I found is a basic equation  that models a rubber speed bump as the speed bump has elasticity in it,  which makes the vibrations dampen out more. The equation I found is, . H is the speed bump in which how elastic it is. P is the vertical force. 

 is the displacement of the elasticity vertically. If you guys have any  more questions, please let me know; I am happy to dig deeper for you  all!


Generation of ground vibrations by vehicles crossing flexible speed …  (n.d.). Retrieved February 16, 2023, from

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