Posted: March 12th, 2023

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PART 1. In general, do you support “third party consent” as an exception to the warrant requirement? Should one be able to overrule a third party’s consent? Does it matter where the reasonable expectation of privacy is actually located?

Should passengers in a vehicle have typical “reasonable expectations of privacy” regarding their person or personal items such as bags?

Why and why not?

(200 words)

PART 2. Answer the questions 1

3 sentences.

1. Doctrine of Maximum Severity – capital offenses


2. Classical – Beccaria – rationally calculated punishment


3. Positivism – treatment/medical model

· indeterminate sentencing

· programs

· medicalizing behavior

· Martinson – “nothing works”

· Baxtrom studies

4. Liberal & Conservative backlash (Justice Model- neo-classical)

· determinate sentencing

· mandatory min; flat time; presumptive; 3 strikes

Panopticon, Auburn vs Eastern State

6. Prison subculture

· nature vs nurture

· prison ecology (Toch)

7. Prison in America

· 1900-1960’s

· 1960’s – changes (Race; Drugs; Age)

· Prison Today (inmate code; black market; racial tension; violence)

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