Posted: February 26th, 2023


1. Choose a topic from the list in the document,” The Most Popular Economic Issues in 2018.”

2. Choose a side to the issue and justify the position using at least three specific points.

3. Cite your points with one or more articles from a reputable online newspaper, magazine or journal. A recognized internet or television news source such as MSNBC, NBC, CNN etc. Do not use any Wikipedia or any user-generated content internet sites. No blogs, no unsubstantiated sources.


a. Title, including the issue and your position.

b. A brief, but through summary of the issue. (one paragraph).

c. A discussion of the three points that justify your position. you will need to dispute the opposing view, so make your points clear.

d. What should we pay attention to in the future as it relates to this?(one paragraph).

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