Posted: February 26th, 2023

Emotional Intelligence Reflection Paper


Module 2 Assignment 2: Emotional Intelligence Reflection Paper

Overview:For this assignment, you will find a scholarly article about emotional intelligence. Prepare a written response to the prompt below using a word processor. Please save your file in or x format. Your paper should be at least two (2) to three (3) in leng and should comply with APA writing requirements.For more guidance about APA form

  1. Find a scholarly publication/article from a reputable source that discusses the topic of emotional intelligence (DO NOT USE Wikipedia).
  2. Provide a half (½) page to one (1) page summary of the article that explains at least three (3) major points presented.
  3. Identify the components of emotional intelligence and their impact on an individual and the organization. 
  4. Provide half (½) page to one (1) page on how you can utilize this information in an organization.

    What is the practical application? 
    Clearly define how those points relate to organizational applications and how they impact an individual and the organization. 

  5. Connect this article to readings from the course:

    What do you see that connects to the course topics? (Half (½) page to one (1) page).

  6. Provide complete reference information on the article including title, author/reporter, date, periodical, and location in the periodical (page, etc.). 
  7. You must use APA guidelines.

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