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story telling speech

Oudine Form
Informative Speech

General Purpose: To inform (Show on outline but do not say in speech)

Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates … (Show but don’t say)

~OD~CTION: (Make sure you include the following in your

– Attention Getter

– Central Idea

– Credibility Statement

– Preview of Main Points

BODY: (Make sure all of your Main Points and Subpoints are written as
complete sentences)

L First main point of the speech (State as a complete sentence)
A. First subordinate idea supporting (State as a complete sentence)

1. First example of reason supporting A. _
2. Second reason or example supporting A.

a. First supporting detail for 2. – •
b. Second supporting detail for 2.

B. Second subordinate idea supporting! (State as a complete sentence)

II. Second main point of speech (State as a complete sentence)
A. (State as a complete sentence)
B. (State as a complete sentence)


III. Third main point of speech (State as a complete sentence)
A (State as a complete sentence)
B. (State as a complete sentence)

(Note: You may have up to five Main Points)


I. Summary/Review of main points (State as a complete sentence)

II. Strong concluding statement (State as a complete sentence)


(3 References/Cites from 3 different sources required) (USE

Presentanon 1f- tt
SPE 1301: Informative Speech Guidelines

Develop a speech to inform your audience based on one of the following criteria:

Report (~nform) on a certain aspect of your college major or minor field of study.
Report (mform) on a famous person that has succeeded in your major.
Report (inform) on a certain aspect of your homeland or a particular culture.
Report (inform) on a significant historical event.
Report (inform) on techniques for college survival.

(Note) You must choose one of these subjects for your informative speech. If you have an idea for a
topic not on the above list of subjects, SEE ME with your idea and we will discuss the matter to see if
it works. Failure to choose topncs from the list will cause a 25-point deduction from your speech

As you research a topic, remember to document your sources for further possible reference, In
preparing yonr presentation, select an appropriate introduction and conclusion. Your speech should
demonstrate clear organization. The organization format should be designed to increase audience

interest and retention of the message.

You will be assigned a date to present your speech. S1,eech ontline must be tamed in on the day that
yon give your presentation. This outline is worth 50 points. See Outline Form provided. (Note speech
outline samples on pp. 262-26’1 in textbook.) Your completed ontline must adhere to the ontline form
provided both in fonn and stru,:ture. Bibliography is reqnired on the outline, in MLA format, and
should have at least three (3) cited sources.

You must use Power l’oint foryour visual aids. You most use atteast 3 slides. Failure to haVe visual
aids or if you cannot get your ,isaal aids to work, then you will lose 25 points. Revi- Ch. 9 for

guidelin£S and proper usage.
Pay careful attention to see that the topic is adapted to the audience aod the occasion. The topic
should be well researched as evidenced by strong sop]lorting materials- Remember to choose a topic
that can be presented in a time limit betwee,n 4 and 6 minutes.

The following is a list of inform~tive speech guidelines:

• Turn in a typed outline assignments) on the day that you give your presentation.
(Outlines are worth 5@ points) IPoints are deducted if your outline is late or if the outline
does not adhere to the outline format on pp 262-267 of textbook. (Outline format is

provid~d I’. • .rime limit = 4-6 minutes (8 poinls are deducted if you go ove or under a e hnil
• You may use a _,m,t o ree x , or x in ex car · unng your presentation.
• Give presentation on the day assigned or ;is points oft: No excuses!!
• You must use Pow,r Point for your ,isual aids. (Need at least three slides) [Visual aids

are worth 25 points.1 • You must stay for all of the speeches on the day that you give your speech.
• Get a classmate to record your speech on your <~II phone. Yon must write an informative

spec<lt onalysis pap,ew after you view your speech and turn it in to Black Board on the
assigned dne date. (This informative speech analysis paper is worth 25 points.)

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