Posted: February 27th, 2023


Exercise #3

Measures of Association:

The Excel notebook (“Exercise3.xls”), has a worksheet labeled as “Cohort Study”.

For the cohort study, I have given a hypothetical data table to evaluate the association, if any, between smoking and pneumonia among a cohort of subjects. Use the formulas given in the “Cohort Studies” module to calculate…

(1) – incidence among the “exposed” [those who smoked];

(2) – incidence among the “unexposed” [those who did not smoke];

(3) – relative risk (RR) of pneumonia among those who smoked,

versus those who did not;

(4) – attributable risk;

(5) – attributable fraction (AR%); and

(6) – Population Attributable Risk (PAR%).

Enter your answers in EX3 on blackboard.

Leave your answers as calculated (in decimals). That is, if you get an AR% of 0.2, just enter 0.2 as your answer; not 20%.

Cohort Study




Yes No Total
Smoker? 110 330 440
65 1

175 1240
1505 1680
Incidence in Exposed
Incidence in Unexposed
Relative Risk
Attributable Risk
Attributable Fraction
Population Attributable Risk
Enter your answers in EX3 on blackboard

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