Posted: February 26th, 2023

Ethic Culture Anaylsis

Ethics homework

Ethical Culture Analysis Project (Hallmark Assessment (HAT)) This project provides the opportunity to analyze the ethical culture and climate of a real organization of your choice. This must be an organization with which you are personally familiar so that you can secure the interviews. To complete the assignment you will need to read online and printed materials, draw upon news articles, and conduct at least 2 interviews with current or former members of the organization (if possible, get the perspective of one management employee/one non-management employee). You should introduce and reflect on theories and concepts from the readings. Your book offers several ethics audit questions for organizations that you can use.

This paper should be approximately 8 pages (1700-2500 words)

History. Brief history of the organization and unit, and statement of purpose for the paper.

– Ethical Challenges. Overview of an ethical challenge (with a positive or negative outcome) the organization or unit leaders and members have faced (focus on the last 5 years, but if there is something historic that has had a lasting impression on the culture you should include). The ethical challenge may be one with a positive outcome, or one that resulted in a negative outcome such as a lawsuit.

– Power and/or Leadership and/or Trust. You must interview one person who has supervisory responsibility, and one person with non-supervisory responsibility, and determine their personal beliefs about power or leadership or trust in this situation (e.g. rely on Chapter 5 for formulating 3-5 questions. Also discuss how you think the leader in this situation is dealing with the six types of leadership challenges (see Chapter 7). – Culture and Climate. Explore current ethical culture and climate based on official and unofficial measures (e.g., interviews; mission statement, ethics code, morale in organization, reputation in community).

– Ratings. Include relevant ratings of this organization based on tools in the Johnson text (Multiple examples exist in your text). Provide rationale for ratings.

– Assessment. Assessment of whether this organization is ethically decoupled or transformed. (Evidence for this assessment should be clearly linked to the previous sections of your paper including evidence from your interviews, news articles, internal communication, etc.)

– Recommendations. Make specific, actionable recommendations on how this organization can become a more ethical workplace.

LEAD 578

Workplace and Information Ethics

A great place to learn, work, and invest

Hallmark Assessment Task

Competencies and Standards

ATD 6 Build trust, 19 Manage organizational knowledge

Ideas to Action 3 Assumptions, 8 Consequences

Grading Rubric for Ethical Culture Analysis Project

Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Needs


History and


(10 possible


10 points

Provides enough research on

the organization or unit to

enable the reader to

understand the organization’s

purpose and what the

organization stands behind.

9 points

Provides some level

of historical context

of the organization/


0-8 points

Provides only cursory

information on the

organization based on

minimal research.



(15 possible



5 points

Provides background on

ethical challenges/situations

the unit/ leader/ member(s)

has faced either internally or

13 points

Provides top line of

ethical issues the

organization has

faced in recent years.

0-12 points

Does not address ethical

challenges the

organization has faced

LEAD 578

Workplace and Information Ethics

A great place to learn, work, and invest

externally in the last 5 years

with a level of objectivity.

Applies ethical theories from

class readings.

or provides only one



(15 possible


14-15 points

Evaluates the organization/

unit/ leader/ member(s) citing

examples to support the

ratings. Uses rating criteria

from textbook.

13 points

Evaluates but with

minimal evidence to

support ratings.

0-12 points

Evaluates the

organization but offers

little to no evidence to

support ratings.

Power and/or


and/or Trust

(15 possible


14-15 points

Identifies the leader’s power

bases, leadership style, or unit

trust, from an ethical

perspective and with

examples to support the

analysis. Discusses how these

dimensions influenced the

ethical challenge situation or


13 points

Identifies power

bases, leadership, or

trust but offers no

examples to support

the analysis.

0-12 points

Does not describe the

leader’s power bases,

leadership style, or trust.

Culture and


14-15 points 13 points 0-12 points

LEAD 578

Workplace and Information Ethics

A great place to learn, work, and invest

(15 possible


Analyzes with depth the

ethical culture of the

organization using both

official and unofficial

materials as evidence.

Explores how these cultural

factors influenced the kay

players’ actions in the ethical

challenge discussed.

Provides an opinion

on the culture using



Describes the culture

purely based on opinion.


(10 possible


10 points

Uses the analysis and

evidence presented in

previous sections to interpret

whether this organization/

unit is ethically decoupled or

transformed. Constructs a

logical case for the decision.

9 points

Presents a mostly

defensible, thoughtful

and logical case based

on an analysis of the


0-8 points

Provides a claim about

the organization, but is

one-sided or without




(15 possible


14-15 points

Formulates actionable

recommendations for how

this organization/ unit can

13 points



but they are not

grounded in reality.

0-12 points

Fails to provide



LEAD 578

Workplace and Information Ethics

A great place to learn, work, and invest

become a more ethical


Writing Clarity

(5 possible


5 points

Paper is exceptionally well

written and is organized in a

seamless manner. Uses at

least two quotes from each of

the interviewees to support

analyses. Cites outside

resources correctly.

4.5 points

Report is organized

and well-written, but

not of exceptional

quality. Uses at least

two quotes from

interview sources to

support the analyses.

1-4 points

Report is not organized

and/or well-written, as

expected in a 500-level

course. Does not provide

interviewee quotes. Does

not cite others’ work.

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